April Slice Of Life #5 Parasite Coal Rabbits

Does a dream count as a slice of life? Well, I made the April Slice Of Life thing so… yeah… it does.

I don’t normally remember my dreams, but last night I did… and my dream was weird. So… there was the plastic toy train on my kitchen table. It was sorta cool. It was cool because of how big it was! It had like… … seven… carts? Whatever they’re called. One at the back was like a coal car. From far away, it looked like it was filled with small  fake pieces of plastic coal. Instead… it was actually made of tiny dark blue rabbits. Idk why. Now… at first they were just filling up the coal car, but… suddenly… THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! ON THE FRIDGE! THE SHELVES! JUST STUCK TO THE SIDES LIKE LITTLE PARASITES! THERE WERE SO MANY! Of course… to me and my mom (the people in the dream) it was completely normal. I went to grab my phone and take a picture. I called… “I COULD USE THIS AS A SLICE OF LIFE!”… WhaAaAaAT!?

April Slice Of Life #4 Muffet And Sans

Me and my friend Sam were roleplaying as Undertale characters. Well… more like Littletale. (An AU where all of the characters are kids.) I was Muffet, and Sam was Sans. We roleplayed like we were at school or something. When it was ‘lunch time’ I went into the fridge and grabbed a bottle of ketchup.

“CATCH!” I called, throwing it at Sam. He laughed, because he was roleplaying as Sans… and I gave him ketchup. Heh… Then I pulled out a doughnut for myself. – w –

Don’t worry, it was plain so he didn’t want it.

Also, in roleplay, he said to me, “You must like the illuminati.” I was gonna say, “OF COURSE NOT!” But he continued with… “Because its on the dollar bill.”

*faceplam while laughing*

My New Favorite Song – Dr. Gaster (An Undertale Song)

☹︎✋︎❄︎☜︎☼︎✌︎☹︎☹︎✡︎ 💣︎✡︎ ☠︎☜︎🕈︎ ☞︎✌︎✞︎⚐︎☼︎✋︎❄︎☜︎ 💧︎⚐︎☠︎☝︎✏︎ ✋︎ 👍︎✌︎☠︎🕯︎❄︎ 💧︎❄︎⚐︎🏱︎ ☹︎✋︎💧︎❄︎☜︎☠︎✋︎☠︎☝︎ ❄︎⚐︎ ✋︎❄︎✏︎ ✋︎❄︎🕯︎💧︎ 💧︎⚐︎ ✌︎💣︎✌︎☪︎✋︎☠︎☝︎✏︎ ✋︎📫︎✋︎📫︎✋︎… ✋︎💣︎ ✌︎☹︎💧︎⚐︎ ☠︎⚐︎🕈︎ ⚐︎👌︎💧︎☜︎💧︎💧︎☜︎👎︎ 🕈︎✋︎❄︎☟︎ 🕈︎. 👎︎. ☝︎✌︎💧︎❄︎☜︎☼︎✏︎


April Slice Of Life #3 Burning A Couch

Me and my cousin went to the Museum of Science and Industry and saw a lot of cool stuff. One of the cool things was a simulator where you could burn a virtual couch! You could have more fire, or less fire. You could also watch it in different screens. One was of a video of an actual couch burning. It was pretty cool. There was another of a animated video of a couch burning. The last one was of the smoke coming off of the animated fire. That one was scary. After a tiny bit, the room was pitch black. All smoke.

April Slice Of Life #2 What Are You Trying To Get?

When I was at my cousin’s house, she was playing rug with her dog Ben Ben. I was sitting on a big brown chair and watching. She held Ben Ben with one arm, and held the rope just out of his reach. He stretched out as much as he could, and snapped at the rope. We both laughed really hard.

“What are you trying to get Ben Ben? What is it?” My cousin laughed sarcastically. It was very funny.

Dont worry… we gave it to him after.